Hard Way to Get A Listing

Life is always full of surprises but I was not expecting one when I opened the door a couple of weeks ago and there stood 2 of my village’s local police.  They were doing a wellness call on my next door neighbor and wanted to know if I had seen her lately.

My heart jumped as I tried to remember when was the last time I had seen her.  I am always leaving and going at odd hours because of my profession.  I would normally talk to her as one of us was either leaving or coming home.  We would always take a few minutes to catch up on each other’s lives.  Our cul-de-sac in our duplex community has undergone some changes over the year as people buy and sell but overall is pretty stable.

The policemen told me that it had been 3 days since my neighbor’s daughter had been able to reach her.  The daughter was on her way from her home about 3 hours south of my home.  As we waited I prayed that my neighbor had gone on a trip and had not told her daughter.

The daughter came and opened the home to find her mother very sick.  She was taken away in an ambulance and the last time I saw her alive was as she was wheeled into the back of the ambulance.

She was almost 80 but looked years younger.  She was always on the go and had a great attitude.  Children from the neighborhood became friends with her and all the neighbors knew her and enjoyed talking with her.

She was laid to rest yesterday and I will miss her.  Her daughter and son-in-law have asked me to list her home and as much as I appreciate the business I rather have my neighor, Lois Jane Kane back instead.

So I dedicate this blog to her.  You were the first to welcome me into the neighborhood, you always had a smile on your face and a kind word.  You looked out for my home when I went out of town and kept me up to date on what was happening in our neighborhood.  Someone will be very lucky to have you as their neighbor in your new neighborhood.

Rest in peace!

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  • ~ Thanks again for a fantasic job! – Susy R., Montgomery

    Thanks again for a fantasic job! – Susy R., Montgomery"You did a wonderful job on making sure everything was in place and was always available.  I am still surprised that we closed since it was so close to the last wire.  I'll make sure to forward your name to any friends or family members looking to buy or sell.  And I'm sure you'll get a call from me when I am ready to sell my primary"

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