Gorgeous Day For a Bike Ride!

With the weather man saying we would be hitting the 60’s I dusted off my bike, put some air in the tires, and off I went on my 1st bike ride of the year!

Through the subdivision passing by the various homes with a keen eye towards any For Sale signs to check out later on my computer I headed towards my favorite route. The wind was much higher than I thought and I was glad that I had layered up and was wearing my long biking pants.

You could already see signs of people starting their spring time yard work. Landscapers were out cutting dead tree limbs and picking up debris. I was starting to get into a gentle rhythm and was pleased that my breathing was still pretty steady.

I went through the subdivision and hit the actual bike trail that meanders through several subdivisions before coming out on a main road and heading towards country roads, farms and country subdivisions.

The wind picked up even more as I biked through an open field. Without any resistance it was not easy staying upright. To make it more interesting the incline was increasing and I was starting to feel my ham strings get tighter. Shifting I dug in and made it up to the end of the official bike trail and past the first farm.

Since it was my first ride I wasn’t really sure how far I should go. I thought I would turn around at the last subdivision before heading out on Reservation Road and some tight turns but once I got to the end of the subdivision I was feeling pretty strong and decided to go a bit further.

By now I am huffing a bit and wondering why I had not turned around but I knew that once I got up the next incline I would be going down the S curves and using gravity to make my trip easier. I remember the first time I took the turns using my brakes to slow myself down but now I was a pro and down shifted and controlled the speed without the brakes.

Coming out of the last turn, 2 motorcycle drivers were coming up and I got a bit nervous but I was able to make it through the last curve and head towards the bridge without losing control.

Once at the bridge I decided to take a quick break and enjoy the view. My mind was clear and my mood was more optimistic than this morning. The previous night I had lost a deal due to another offer coming in.

The agent had received the offer Monday around 5:00 p.m. but because they had had a lot of showings decided to hold off and waited for another offer to come in. Asking for the “best & highest” instead of negotiating the original offer my buyer decided that she was not going to give in and declined to give them full asking price. They accepted the other offer using our offer to increase the price. It always amazes me when this happens on listings that have been sitting for 200 days. Murphy’s Law? It’s still not contingent so time will tell. With so many homes on the market my buyer will more than likely find another one that they like just as much or more.

Showings were already set for tomorrow and the bike ride cleared my mind about the close call and I enjoyed nature and the warm weather.

Real estate has its challenges…sometimes the wind blows and you feel like your going to be toppled off…but staying in the game and continuing to climb the next bend is all we can do. Eventually, we can stop and take a breather but for now, we keep on going. Scheduling another showing, writing another offer.

After drinking some water and eating some trail mix I hopped back on the bike and turned around. The small hill can wait for my next ride….I still have to climb back through the s curves and get back home. It’s always fun going down inclines but I always remember I have to ride back up.

I was thrilled to see my driveway as I finished my 1st bike ride knowing that I would have many more this season. Just like I know I will be writing more offers.

Evelyn Santiago

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  • ~ I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with Evelyn Santiago!

    I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with Evelyn Santiago!"I’m so glad I had the opportunity to work with Evelyn Santiago! It’s rare to find a professional like her – reliable, trustworthy and honest. She went to bat for me on the sale of my house, and didn’t stop until every last paper was signed. Her persistence and willingness to get the job done for her clients is a welcome delight. Jean R. -"

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