We have all heard this phrase or something similar when we call the local telephone company, credit card customer service or most major corporations customer service.  We go ahead with our call and hope that it will be of some use to the customer service agents that we talk to.  We don’t question it we just go ahead with it.

I have a new phone system that allows me to record calls so I decided that the next time I placed one of my Friday “short sale status” calls I would try it out.  This is what happened as best as I can recall.

Wow, I actually got the negotiator for once so she started the verification process to make sure I was authorized to talk to her about the loan.  Property address, loan number, last 4 of borrower’s social security call and then that famous phrase – “For quality assurance and training purposes this call will be monitored and recorded.  So I said great – activated my system and my system said “This call is being recorded for quality assurance”. 

Dead silence then I am sorry I am not sure I can talk to you if my call is recorded?  Really, why?  I don’t know but I have to put you on hold?  About 3-4 minutes go by and she comes back.  Sorry, I can’t talk to you if you record this call. 

Why may I ask you can record the call and I can’t?  Well, I don’t know.  No problem, I told her.  I don’t expect you to know why senior management places such policies but I will send the CEO a letter asking for an explanation.  If you are going to be picky about this then perhaps we shouldn’t talk.

Since I had not talked to this person live once I told her it was not a big deal that I would cancel the recording and we could continue our conversation.  That I was not picking on her and that I was just curious that recording converstions was a one way deal and that I would take it up with senior management.

I found this experience rather interesting and wanted to know from my fellow Realtor’s, loan officers and anyone else that wishes to comment what their experience has been with recording conversations for “quality assurance and training purposes”.

I did get my status and hopefully after apologizing profusely I won’t be penalized for my iniquisitive nature and having the audacity to turn the tables around on them.

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    Thanks again for a fantasic job! – Susy R., Montgomery"You did a wonderful job on making sure everything was in place and was always available.  I am still surprised that we closed since it was so close to the last wire.  I'll make sure to forward your name to any friends or family members looking to buy or sell.  And I'm sure you'll get a call from me when I am ready to sell my primary"

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