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EValuation Solutions – Why Won’t You Pay Me for Those BPO’s???

During last year's slow down I signed up to do BPO's with a few different vendors.  It provided some gas money and gave me additional experience in doing valuations in my local area.   I did a couple of BPO's for a company names EValuation Solutions early this spring and again in the summer and am still waiting for payment.

I get emails from them to do BPO's and send a response that I would be happy to do them but only after I get paid for the one's that I have already done.  No response! Zip...Nada!  The phone number that I have has a directory where you must know the name of the person you are trying to contact and it seems no matter who I pick it goes to voice mail.

With no response to either emails or voice messages the only choice they have left me is to blog about it and to warn fellow realtors to not do BPO's with this company!  The amount is not huge but it's money that is owed me and I should be able to get it without having to go chasing it.  The BPO's passed their quality control and I am sure they got paid for them by the lender's that requested them so why can't you pay the Realtor that did them?

 eValuation Solutions LLC
9838 Old Baymeadows Rd Ste. 298
Jacksonville, FL 32256

If any of my fellow Active Rain collegues know of a way to get to their accounting department drop me a line.  Sometimes it's just the principle involved and nothing else!  I guess I am not the only one that has been ripped off by this company - click here!

In one of my emails I told them that if I did not hear from them I would blog about here it is - doubt if they care!

Evelyn Santiago

Dynamic Real Estate Network, Inc.

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