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It’s Raining Short Sales – Do you Have Your Umbrella?

I think that we can all agree that short sales are here to stay.  You may not like them and perhaps you have been avoiding them but no matter how hard you try eventually you will be dragged into one either by a buyer that absolutely loves a house that is a short sale or a former client that needs your assistance.

So jump on the bandwagon and learn everything you can about how they work.  Some agents scare other agents and talk about liability and how hard they are, etc.  But the truth is that like anything new its how motivated you are in learning it.

To help my clients I have launched 2 blogs which talk about short sales in a variety of ways: and

 I will also continue blogging about them here on Active Rain.  Whether you go and get a certification or designation or just go and "do it" you will have to eventually get your hands dirty and go through the whole process.

I personally like being the listing agent so I have more control over the process.  Currently I have been negotiating my own short sales but will by trying out a "short sale attorney" to see how that works.  I have tried one before and was disappointed but I will test this one out to see how he performs.  If he passes then I will continue but if he doesn't then I will get back in the trenches and do my own.

So don't be afraid...just like your first listing its just a matter of doing your homework and taking the plunge!  They are not going away any time soon so stop ignoring sometimes 50% of the market and get a piece of the action.

Join some short sale groups like shortsalesuperstars or Harris University or classes at your local Association but don't sit the sidelines and be left behind!

 If you have a home that is in pre-foreclosure and have decided you need to do a short sale, give me a call and let me assist you so you can move on with your life.  Visit my short sale blog or company website and start the process now! 

Evelyn Santiago

Dynamic Real Estate Network, Inc.

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