IL – Yesterday’s post talked about how banks lose money when they turn down short sale offers. A recent study by Boston Consulting Group showed that a lender will net 20% more money on a short sale versus a foreclosure.

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The reason is because short sales usually sell for more money than a foreclosure. A short sale is usually in good shape, while a foreclosure is usually in disrepair.

Most economic experts say housing is the biggest drag in today’s economy. Every single foreclosure that sells for less money drags the rest of the housing market down.

Homeowners often move out after they stop paying. The yard becomes overgrown. This drags the resale value down. In addition a foreclosure takes 18-24 months.

That means the banks loses money because of interest and property taxes on the house. This drags down the banks finances. They have less money to lend out, which causes another drag on the economy.

Here is an example of a rejected short sale that was foreclosed and resold. It illustrates that short sales sell for more money than a foreclosure.

A guy we knows listed a house for $130,000. Eventually an offer came in for $119,900. The agent attempted to negotiate a short sale with the lender. The lender turned it down.

The house was eventually foreclosed on 12 months later. It sold for $96,400. That is a $23,000 loss, before adding in the foreclosure costs, lost interest, property taxes, etc.

This is why you shouldn’t feel bad that you are short selling your home. In fact, I think you should get an award because of what you are doing to help the economy.

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