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a href=””> IL – I’m sure you have heard about forensic loan audits. I’ve heard people say how wonderful they are. “Your lender will approve your short sale right away”, claims one.

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An agent told me a story about forensic loan audits. He worked with a woman who was trying to short sales 3 houses. He knew they were short sales and was glad to list them for sale.

There was a guy involved who was supposed to be doing all the “negotiating” with the lender. Little did this agent know this guy was trying to flip the houses. This guy had a forensic loan audit done.

He claims he paid foreclosure defense lawyers out of his own pocket. He did all this stuff in an attempt to force the lender to approve the short sale.

The only problem was the lender didn’t care. The short sale negotiators at the lender were not going to approve the short sale offers so this guy could resell the home for a profit.

“We know this guy is trying to flip the house. We won’t approve the short sale as long as he is doing that”, they said.

This was despite the claims that some have made that a forensic loan audit will have lenders trip over themselves to approve the short sale.

Please consider this story before you spend $800 to $1,000 on a “Forensic Loan Audit.” I am in the business and talk to homeowners facing foreclosure every day.

I have only heard a few stories where a “forensic loan audit” made a difference to the lender. I’m not saying that they don’t work. I just want to warn you to check them out before spending big bucks for one.

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