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Several years ago I received an IPod Touch as an early birthday gift.  I was thrilled with this super cool IPod.  Alas, after only a few months of using it, the gadget stopped working.  I tried updating it, restoring it but I was unable to turn it off when I wanted to and it would not operate.  After several tries I put it in a drawer and basically forgot about it.

Since winter time is always a good time to clean up clutter that is what I was doing a couple of weeks ago when I came across it.  I have a new IPad, plus I have an IPhone which works as a IPod but I found that it drained the battery too fast, so I have been doing without music except for putting on my ancient stereo system and actually playing an actual CD when I need to clean my house.

Repaired IPod Touch

So I decided to take the IPod Touch on one of my drives to my old “coffee shop” in Naperville, IL.  As I was going in I noticed a new business where a former real estate company used to be.  The Tech Shop Repair Center.  Out of curiousity and with the hope that they might be able to do something I took in my poor broken IPod and the rest as they say is history!

Within days I was able to pick it up and start listening to my favorite tunes as I sweated those extra “holiday” pounds at my local health club.

So if like me you have an old IPod, cell phone, computer and even GPS and game system stop byThe Tech Shop Repair Center and give that electronic product a 2nd chance.  We all deserve 2nd chances…yes even our electronic gadgets! Tell them the real estate from Oswego, IL sent you!

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  • ~ Thanks again for a fantasic job! – Susy R., Montgomery

    Thanks again for a fantasic job! – Susy R., Montgomery"You did a wonderful job on making sure everything was in place and was always available.  I am still surprised that we closed since it was so close to the last wire.  I'll make sure to forward your name to any friends or family members looking to buy or sell.  And I'm sure you'll get a call from me when I am ready to sell my primary"

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