Setting up showings has definitely become easier.  My MLS in the Chicagoland area  has a tool which we can set-up to automate the showing process.  For certain listings its perfect.  I am a one woman office so I have agents call my cell phone since I know I can get to them fairly fast.  If you need a one day code because you don’t have the same lockbox access that I have please indicate that in your message request.  If you don’t I am going to assume you have a Sentrilock keycard.

What bothers me is these small things when I set up showings on other agents listing.

1.  Call listing office – No problem as long as someone is there to answer and/or can find the listing in their system.

     Sometimes the desk person can’t find the listing or doesn’t understand the showing instructions.

2.  If you are using one of the many showing companies that handle your appointments for your listing please  put the phone number on the instructions!  I don’t need to go and search for the number because believe it  or not, I don’t know all the different companies off the top of my head.

3.  Speaking of showing companies…OK…why do you think I am calling you?  To get the latest lotto numbers?      Save us all some time and assume I am calling to set up a showing.  Ask for the address, time and my identifiying information.  Oh, and please when you answer the phone don’t have food in your mouth or have a side conversation with someone else.  I just want to make the appointment and move on to the next one.  Know how to read the showing instructions and don’t ask me  what they mean.

    If you are an agent that uses these services…do you like being put on hold because volume is high?  I don’t enjoy having to wait because they don’t have sufficient staff.  One of the reasons why I don’t use them.  Perhaps when I have 30 or more l;istings I may think differently.

4.  If the lockbox is not on the door….please indicate where it is.  When placing the lockbox in a unusual place


     take into consideration whether another agent can reach it if they are not 6 feet tall. 

How High Can You Go?

I had to have one of my clients practically lift me up to reach a lockbox that was on a high door jamb. Don’t put it so low that my ability to get back up is hindered.  The median age of agents is in the 50’s and some of us don’t spring back as easily as we used to, so be kind to us.

5.  Love the sentrilock boxes – really dislike the combo boxes…especially as they age…not that easy to do the gym locker combo…and if you can’t take the time to figure out which code is on your lockbox…and have to give me 2…and neither will work…don’t expect me to call again and ask for another code.

Hopefully these small things will not prevent me from looking at your listing, but I know I would be happier if I didn’t have to come across them as often as I do.

Happy showings to all and to all a great spring selling season!

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